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Current Caselaw Developments Affecting Workplace Investigations in NZ

Mr Graeme L Colgan |  Andrew Scott Howman
46 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Sep 10, 2021
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The session will cover topical developments illustrated by caselaw including the implications of the requirement for registration either as a private investigator or a lawyer; whether new rules of conduct for lawyers apply to their conduct of workplace investigations; a change to the standard of proof test for misconduct in cases which may result in personal grievances; and the prudence of liability disclaimers.



Mr Graeme L Colgan's Profile

Mr Graeme L Colgan

Graeme Colgan

Graeme Colgan Barrister

Graeme formally worked as a lawyer and judge in employment law for over 40 years, Graeme has extensive experience in workplace investigations and now works as a Barrister.

Andrew Scott Howman's Profile

Andrew Scott Howman

Port Nicholson Chambers

Andrew has previously worked as an employment law partner and as a partner as the Crown Solicitor’s Office. He is now a Barrister at Port Nicholson Chambers and Co-Chair of AAWI.