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Five Difficult Questions Asked by Interviewees in Workplace Investigations

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Fiona McMillan, AWI-CH |  Dave Pizzini, AWI-CH |  Penny Shaw, AWI-CH |  Linda Ryder, AWI-CH |  Andrena Patterson |  Mr Graeme L Colgan
1 hour
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Nov 15, 2022
Never expires.

Tags: AAWI


Session Description:

Many key players in the NZ cohort of AAWI hosted a combined in-person and online event to address 5 curly questions that independent investigators are commonly asked. There was much buzz for this event with 121 registered. The event was initiated and hosted by Graeme Colgan in Auckland. The panelists shared their personal experiences and suggestions on how to respond to these questions. This provided the audience with great practical advice and ideas to help them navigate this developing area of practice. 


Fiona McMillan, AWI-CH - Auckland 
Dave Pizzini, AWI-CH - Auckland 
Penny Shaw, AWI-CH - Christchurch 
Linda Ryder, AWI-CH - Christchurch 
Andrena Patterson – Wellington  

A huge thank you to everyone involved, especially the Lane Neave office staff & in-person Coordinators:  

Auckland - Graeme Colgan 
Christchurch - Andrew Shaw 
Wellington - Andrew Scott-Howman 

This webinar is suitable for all jurisdictions, workplace investigators, human resources professionals, and conflict resolution practitioners.

This webinar is = to 1 CPD Point. All jurisdictions vary in terms of how CPD Points are calculated and considered eligible, please reach out to the governing bodies in your jurisdiction if you are unsure.




Mr Graeme L Colgan's Profile

Mr Graeme L Colgan

Graeme Colgan

Graeme Colgan Barrister

Graeme formally worked as a lawyer and judge in employment law for over 40 years, Graeme has extensive experience in workplace investigations and now works as a Barrister.