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Lessons Learned: Hot Topics in Canadian Federal Sector Investigations under Bill C-65

CAWI |  Ethics |  Report Writing
Madhu M. Gupta |  Ms Emily Kaufer
1 hour
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Oct 20, 2022
Never expires.


Session Description:

The landscape for Canadian federal sector workplace investigators shifted on January 1, 2021 with the coming into force of the Bill C-65 amendments to the Canada Labour Code and accompanying regulations. Over the past year and several months, external and internal investigators have worked, and often wrestled, with adapting their work to fit within the new framework. Join our panel for a practical discussion about key challenges, solutions, and lessons learned from workplace investigations under the Bill C-65 framework with public and private sector clients from an internal and external perspective.

Learning Objectives: 

Through attending this webinar, participants will develop a greater understanding of the following elements of an investigation: 

  1. Procedural matters: changes to the investigative process
  2. Role of the Designated Recipient: theory vs. practice
  3. Report writing: challenges and solutions
  4. Moral dilemmas: procedural fairness obligations, anonymized witnesses, and principal parties.




Madhu M. Gupta's Profile

Madhu M. Gupta

Lead Investigator

MG Harassment Resolutions Inc.

Madhu M. Gupta is a lawyer, workplace investigator, and author based in Ottawa. She is presently the lead investigator at MG Harassment Resolutions Inc. which provides workplace investigation services for public and private sector clients across Canada. For over 20 years, Madhu has been conducting investigations into allegations of sexual harassment, workplace harassment and violence, bullying, abuse of authority, discrimination and human rights violations. She is also the co-author of several articles and treatises on sexual harassment and conducting workplace investigations which have been cited by tribunals and courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada. She holds an LL.B. from the University of Calgary and a J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School. Madhu is an active member of AWI and is currently also the CAWI Ottawa Local Convener. 

Ms Emily Kaufer's Profile

Ms Emily Kaufer

Director, Human Rights and Harassment

Air Canada