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Reacting Appropriately to Workplace Problems: Restorative Justice, Investigation, or Something Else?

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Ainsley Benefield |  Andrew Scott Howman
1 hour
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Sep 27, 2022
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Many of us have been asked to advise an employer that has just been presented with a revelation about serious interpersonal issues within its workplace – often involving a group of employees who raise serious issues about the behaviour of one or more colleagues.

What is the appropriate, most ethical course of action?

Join us as we explore these challenging aspects.

Our guest speaker: Ainsley Benefield is in the unique position of having practiced as an employment lawyer and mediator, having attended the AWI Institute training, and is now working as an HR consultant with a strong focus on restorative practice in workplaces.

In this session Ainsley explores the sometimes neglected ‘triage’ phase where the range of informal and formal options can be explored, as well as practical insights about having those conversations, including managing privacy and confidentiality, arranging support for all involved, and implementing interim measures.

The session also discusses the ethical issue that an investigator may face: what if you have been engaged to investigate, but form the view that the issues before you would be better suited for another forum?

This webinar is suitable for all jurisdictions, workplace investigators, human resources professionals, and conflict resolution practitioners.

This webinar is = to 1 CPD Point. All jurisdictions vary in terms of how CPD Points are calculated and considered eligible, please reach out to the governing bodies in your jurisdiction if you are unsure.




Andrew Scott Howman's Profile

Andrew Scott Howman

Port Nicholson Chambers

Andrew has previously worked as an employment law partner and as a partner as the Crown Solicitor’s Office. He is now a Barrister at Port Nicholson Chambers and Co-Chair of AAWI.