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Technology – Helping or Hampering Investigators and Evidence

Stan Gallo |  Mr. Neil W Lawson
49 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Sep 10, 2021
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Forensic technology has been a tremendous boon in terms of the identification and analysis of digital evidence in workplace investigations. It is becoming increasingly important that the workplace investigator really understands what is happening and where digital evidence might lie. Those experienced investigators that truly understand and apply forensic technology analysis remain unicorns. That rare and almost mythical beast that often starts where others stop and know when to question what seems obvious at a glance.



Stan Gallo's Profile

Stan Gallo

Forensic Partner and National Leader


Stan is the Forensic Partner and National Leader at BDO specialising in the seizure and analysis of digital evidence, cyber incident response and computer forensics.

Mr. Neil W Lawson's Profile

Mr. Neil W Lawson

Ethics Consultant

Dept of Justice and Attorney-General

Neil is an Ethics Consultant with the QLD Department of Justice and Attorney-General, a licensed Investigator, trainer, with a background in executive management and consultancy.

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