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The Interplay Between Workplace Investigation and Criminal Investigation

External Investigators |  Internal Investigators
John A Lohse |  Keith Rohman
1 Hour, 1 Minute
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Sep 09, 2020
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When there is an overlap between a workplace investigation and a potential criminal investigation by law enforcement, there are a host of tricky issues. Who goes first? How does the employer fulfill their duties as an employer, while not negatively interfering with the law enforcement investigation? Often law enforcement works on a slower timeline than a workplace investigation, so does one have to wait for the other? This webinar will highlight these challenges for investigators, discussing different approaches for different types of cases, and provide guidance about how and when to work in concert with law enforcement, and when to move ahead on our own. 

Learning Objectives 

This webinar will: 

  • Raise awareness of the pitfalls and challenges 

  • Explain why there is no one bright-line rule for this 

  • Different duties for different types of potential crimes  

  • Dealing with law enforcement requests for a “hold” 

Distinguishing between public and private sector employers.

Disclaimer: The contents of this webinar and the positions taken are those of the presenter only, may be time sensitive, and are not warranted, endorsed or otherwise recommended by AWI and are not intended to provide legal advice.




John A Lohse's Profile

John A Lohse

Lohse Investigations

John Lohse is a member of the State Bars of California and Arizona and a licensed California Private Investigator.  He spent 13 years at the University of California (UC) Office of the President in Oakland as the Director of Investigations in the Office of Ethics, Compliance and Audit Services and also served as the University’s Interim Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance and Audit Officer.  Prior to joining UC, John was a Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for over 28 years.  He served as Chief Division Counsel for the FBI San Francisco Division.  During his tenure as Chief Division Counsel, he was appointed Special Assistant United States Attorney for the Northern District of California.  John was a criminal prosecutor with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona for almost 2 years.  He is a former Board Member of the Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI).

Keith Rohman's Profile

Keith Rohman


Public Interest Investigations, Inc.

Keith Rohman is the president and founder of Public Interest Investigations, Inc., a Los Angeles-based firm.  Over the past 35 years, the firm’s clients have included prominent public- and private-sector employers who have turned to PII to investigate significant problems with board members, staff, contractors, and other stakeholders. 

Rohman is a past president of AWI and has served as a senior faculty member at AWI’s accredited Training Institute for Workplace Investigators. He is an adjunct professor at Loyola Law School, where he has taught investigation in employment and other investigative areas for the past 15 years. He serves as a senior trainer with T9 Mastered Training for Campus Investigators, a program focused Title IX investigations.  

Throughout his career, Rohman has worked on numerous high-profile civil and criminal cases. He conducted investigations related to the torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib; allegations of shootings of Iraqis by Blackwater, Inc.; the enslavement of dozens of Thai workers in an El Monte, California, sweatshop; and the trial against Los Angeles police officers accused of beating Rodney King. Rohman also worked as a defense investigator in over 30 death penalty cases throughout the United States.