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The Intersection Between Employment Law, Workplace Investigations and the Criminal Law

Michaela Moloney |  Megan Casey |  Ms. Peta Nowacki
1 Hour
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Sep 10, 2021
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The intersection between the criminal law, employment law and workplace investigations will be explored with a panel comprising an investigator, employment lawyer and criminal barrister. Workplace investigators may be required to consideration evidence that may be admissible in future criminal proceedings. The most common incidents of workplace criminal behaviour relate to fraud, theft, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. Is it a criminal issue? Is employment law advice needed? Do I call the investigator? Maybe it is a combination with crossover and timing concerns.



Michaela Moloney's Profile

Michaela Moloney

K&L Gates

Michaela is a partner in the labour, employment and workplace safety practice at global law firm K&L Gates, specialising in all aspects of employment, industrial and discrimination law.

Megan Casey's Profile

Megan Casey

Megan has a Supreme Court and County Court trial practice. She also appears in the Court of Appeal, in pleas in committals, and in serious indictable crime Children’s Court proceedings.

Ms. Peta Nowacki's Profile

Ms. Peta Nowacki

Working Together

Peta has worked in the area of workplace relations since 1999, founding Working Together in 2006. Since, she has been an independent mediator, investigator, trainer and consultant in fields.