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Threat Assessment (Workplace Violence) Investigations & Personal Safety Considerations

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External Investigators |  Internal Investigators
Dr. James S Cawood
1.5 Hours
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Aug 11, 2021
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The focus of this webinar is to provide information on the investigative framework required to gather the information relevant to making a determination of the future risk of physical violence that an individual may pose. There will also be some information presented regarding what an investigator might do if confronted with an angry or hostile individual during the course of their investigation.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the differences between a standard workplace investigation and a threat assessment investigation
  • Understanding what types of statements might put an investigator on notice that a threat assessment investigation may be necessary
  • Understanding the types of information gathering and information sources that often are necessary in a threat assessment and what types of questions might need to be asked
  • Understanding some actions the investigator might take to increase their safety from a physical confrontation or attack


DisclaimerThe contents of this webinar and the positions taken are those of the presenter only, may be time sensitive, and are not warranted, endorsed or otherwise recommended by AWI and are not intended to provide legal advice. 




California MCLEs: 1.5



Dr. James S Cawood


Factor One

Dr. James S. Cawood is President of Factor One which is a California based corporation specializing in threat assessment and management, violence risk assessment, behavioral analysis, security consulting, and investigations. Dr. Cawood has worked in the area of threat and violence risk assessment and management, behavioral analysis, violence prevention, security analysis, and incident resolution for more than 30 years. He has successfully assessed and managed over 5000 violence related cases for federal and state government agencies, universities and colleges, public and private corporations, and other business entities throughout North America. Dr. Cawood has also provided consultation and training to these same types of organizations on the design and implementation of threat assessment, violence risk assessment, and incident response protocols. He also has served as an expert witness in dozens of cases involving questions concerning investigative and security issues, including threat and violence risk assessment and management in the workplace.

Dr. Cawood is currently serving on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Threat Assessment and Management (American Psychological Association), as the Vice-Chairman of the Certification Committee which is responsible for the ATAP Certified Threat Manager program, and he is also serving on the Professional Certification Board (PCB) of ASIS International, for a term of 2020 to 2022.

Dr. Cawood is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley, holds a Masters degree in Forensic Psychology from Argosy University, and a Ph.D. in Psychology from Northcentral University. He has served on the faculties of Golden Gate University, in their Security Management degree program and the University of California, Santa Cruz extension, teaching Threat Management. He is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Professional Certified Investigator (PCI), Physical Security Professional (PSP), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Security Professional (CSP), Certified Professional Investigator (CPI), Certified International Investigator (CII), and Certified Threat Manager (CTM). He has numerous written articles, book chapters, and books, and published research.