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When the Road Ends, Look for a Trail: The Importance of Persistence in an Investigation

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Kathryn Eppright |  Ms. Sarah E. Worley
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Original Program Date:
May 12, 2022
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This webinar will focus on the dilemma every investigator faces from time to time: hitting what seems like a dead end. The presenters will share creative ways to persist in moving forward in an investigation that hits the proverbial wall.  Learn new ways to get past common obstacles while staying true to AWI Guiding Principles.  

Learning Objectives

1.  How to keep a persistent mindset throughout an investigation;  

2.  Why the concept of persistence is an important component to the standard of thoroughness.  

3.  Specific tactics and strategies to consider using when contradictory information and witnesses appear to be equally credible. 


Disclaimer: The contents of this webinar and the positions taken are those of the presenter only, may be time sensitive, and are not warranted, endorsed or otherwise recommended by AWI and are not intended to provide legal advice.  

Cancellation Policy: If you must cancel your webinar registration and do so on or before Tuesday, May 10, your webinar registration fee will be refunded. To cancel your registration, email There will be no refunds for cancellations received after Tuesday, May 10.





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Kathryn Eppright's Profile

Kathryn Eppright


Andre, Morris & Buttery

Kathy Eppright, AWI-CH is the Chairman of the firm’s Employment Law Practice Group and a member of the firm’s Civil Litigation, Hospitality and Wine & Agribusiness Practice Groups. Kathy has been practicing 25 years with a focus on employment litigation and counseling. Kathy has handled cases ranging from employment discrimination and sexual harassment to real property and business disputes. In addition to actions brought in state court, Kathy has successfully defended claims of discrimination, harassment, and wage and hour claims filed with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, the EEOC, the California Labor Commissioner and the U. S. Department of Labor. Kathy also frequently serves as an outside workplace investigator and is a Certificate Holder from the Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI) and convener for the AWI Central Coast local circle. 

Ms. Sarah E. Worley's Profile

Ms. Sarah E. Worley


Sarah E. Worley Conflict Resolution, P.C.

Sarah Worley is an attorney based in Boston, Massachusetts. She is the founder of Sarah E. Worley Conflict Resolution, P.C., a private provider of dispute resolution and investigative services. Sarah mediates and arbitrates matters throughout the United States, with an emphasis on cases involving catastrophic injury, workplace harassment and discrimination, and sexual misconduct. She is a certified Title IX investigator and serves as a Title IX hearing officer for colleges and universities. She is a certificate holder with the Association of Workplace Investigators and is a member of the AAA Investigations Panel.