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Workplace Investigations During a Pandemic: AAWI Panel

AAWI |  External Investigators |  Internal Investigators
1 Hour
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Apr 30, 2020
Never expires.


Our experienced panellists will be discussing the following:

  • The impact of the social distancing requirements on conducting a workplace investigation
  • What current practices need to be adapted to remain effective in one’s role
  • Tips for conducting remote workplace investigations

Our Host:

  • Andrew Warton, Warton Strategic, Northern Territory Australia

Our Panellists:

  • Gregory Lamey, CEO, ForenSix Group, Queensland Australia
  • Liz Rita, Director, Investigations Law Group, Denver, Colorado USA
  • Johanna Drayton, Partner, Dyhrberg Drayton Employment Law, Wellington New Zealand


Disclaimer: The contents of this webinar and the positions taken are those of the presenter only, may be time sensitive, and are not warranted, endorsed or otherwise recommended by AWI and are not intended to provide legal advice.