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Mr Garon Wyatt


Garon Wyatt Investigative Services

Garon Wyatt, AWI-CH is owner of Garon Wyatt Investigative Services (GWIS) has been conducting public safety background checks and workplace investigations since May 2017. Mr. Wyatt previously spent 30 years in Public Safety. He is keenly aware of the ongoing need to maintain public trust, and the role that thorough independent investigations into allegations of misconduct play in maintaining this trust. Mr. Wyatt has considerable knowledge and training in criminal investigations and workplace investigations. He has accumulated over 200 hours of training in criminal and administrative investigative techniques. As an experienced investigator, Mr. Wyatt has investigated an array of administrative cases involving conduct and performance; including allegations of criminal behavior, excessive or unreasonable use of force, allegations of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, integrity violations, and violations of departmental policies.


Office Phone: 9512957510