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Culturally-Responsive Investigation Practices

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Diana Knight |  Paula Hoctor
1 hour
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Nov 30, 2022
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Presenter: Diana Knight

Moderator: Paula Hoctor

Overview: Being a culturally responsive workplace investigator has become increasingly challenging amidst the growing cultural complexities of our society. We know that being culturally responsive is much more than arranging a translation and interpretation service. If cultural contexts are ignored in workplace investigations, it could lead to poor rapport, unproductive interviews, and ineffective fact-finding. This webinar considers what it means to be culturally responsive, and offers practical strategies for the workplace investigator to adopt a person-centred approach. The strategies address three focus areas that support culturally-responsive investigations: (1) Being self-aware and reflecting; (2) Cultural literacy; and (3) Adjust, accommodate, and respond.

This webinar is suitable for all jurisdictions, workplace investigators, human resources professionals, and conflict resolution practitioners.

This webinar is = to 1 CPD Point. All jurisdictions vary in terms of how CPD Points are calculated and considered eligible, please reach out to the governing bodies in your jurisdiction if you are unsure.




Diana Knight

Diana Knight is a specialist workplace investigator with Q Workplace Solutions. Diana has conducted numerous workplace investigations and workplace culture reviews relating to bullying, harassment, and discrimination. Diana is also an accomplished conflict resolution practitioner with experience in federal, state and territory government, as well as private industry. Diana is experienced in trauma-informed practices and culturally responsive practices and shares her knowledge through training, coaching and supervising others. She regularly presents and guest lectures on investigation-related topics including masterclasses on conducting workplace investigations, complex communication skills, working with vulnerable parties, and culturally-responsive investigation strategies. Diana is legally qualified and is a nationally accredited mediator.

Paula Hoctor

Paula Hoctor is a member of the AAWI Professional Development Sub-Committee, and founder of Q Workplace Solutions, an industry leader in workplace investigations, culture reviews, and investigations training.  Paula is a workplace investigations specialist with extensive experience across both public and private sectors in conducting investigations into workplace behaviour complaints. Before starting Q Workplace Solutions in 2011, Paula practised as a lawyer specialising in employment law and professional standards.  As Principal of Q Workplace Solutions, Paula leads a national team of legally qualified and experienced workplace investigation and review specialists. Paula is also a published author of the text Workplace investigations: Principles and Practice (Lexisnexis Butterworths 2018).