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Paula Hoctor

Paula Hoctor is a member of the AAWI Professional Development Sub-Committee, and founder of Q Workplace Solutions, an industry leader in workplace investigations, culture reviews, and investigations training.  Paula is a workplace investigations specialist with extensive experience across both public and private sectors in conducting investigations into workplace behaviour complaints. Before starting Q Workplace Solutions in 2011, Paula practised as a lawyer specialising in employment law and professional standards.  As Principal of Q Workplace Solutions, Paula leads a national team of legally qualified and experienced workplace investigation and review specialists. Paula is also a published author of the text Workplace investigations: Principles and Practice (Lexisnexis Butterworths 2018).

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Culturally-Responsive Investigation Practices

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Diana Knight |  Paula Hoctor
1 hour
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Nov 30, 2022
Short Description:
This webinar considers what it means to be culturally responsive, and offers practical strategies for the workplace investigator to adopt a person-centred approach.
$15.00 - Base Price

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