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Erich Knorr, AWI-CH


Van Dermyden Makus Law Corporation

Erich Knorr is a Partner at Van Dermyden Makus Law Corporation where he conducts workplace investigations in California and Arizona. He regularly conducts investigations for state and local government agencies, public safety departments, universities, community colleges, and high schools. He also serves on the AWI Seminar and Webinar Committee. Erich previously represented public safety employees, and their labor associations, in litigation and disciplinary proceedings.

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AWI Virtual Workplace Investigation Basics – Public Sector Supplement

Credit available - Click Here for more information

POBR/FOBR |  Public Sector |  Beginner |  Internal Investigators |  Interviewing |  Report Writing
Angel H Ho |  Erich Knorr, AWI-CH
2 hours
Short Description:
This 2-hour California public employer virtual supplement will provide a more detailed look at specific procedural and substantive issues not present in other types of investigations, such as the appl...
$225.00 - Base Price

Tue, Jun 20, 2023 - 11:00am to 01:00pm PDT

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