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Natalie Harris

Natalie Harris is a partner at the Chicago boutique media defense law firm Baron Harris Healey. She counsels and defends clients in media including journalists, authors, artists, politicians, entrepreneurs, advertising agencies and brands who generate, publish, and broadcast content. Natalie performs prepublication review of creative, editorial and commercial content and provides trademark and copyright analysis, clearance and registration services. In addition, she provides compliance advice for sweepstakes, contests and other promotions.  In the courtroom, Natalie defends defamation litigation, right of publicity claims, invasion of privacy, trademark and copyright infringement matters. Natalie is a content junkie who loves peak TV, independent film, podcasts, reading fiction books in hard copy and listening to non-fiction audiobooks. She graduated from the University of Michigan with an English degree and received her law degree from the University of Wisconsin. Before becoming a lawyer, Natalie studied Japanese and spent time living and working in Japan.

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Defamation Claims Arising from Workplace Investigations: Understanding the Qualified Privilege

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Internal Investigators |  External Investigators |  Interviewing |  Advanced |  Beginner |  Report Writing
Kathryn Eppright |  Natalie Harris |  Mr. Amit Patel
60 minutes
Audio and Video
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Jul 20, 2023
Short Description:
This webinar will address how defamation claims can and do arise in the context of workplace investigations and give both internal and external investigators practical information and tools for antici...
$50.00 - Base Price

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